House Design - Practical Ideas

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Taal: Nederlands
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One's house tends to be the most valuable asset, not only economically but also psychologically. It is a haven for our safety, protection and welfare, while also being a physical manifestation of our creativity, personality and character. With so many factors to bear in mind and options to choose from, it should come as no surprise that some people may hesitate when deciding how their house should be built. To help solve this uncertainty, this book aims to be a portfolio of ideas that showcases houses from all over the world, designed by contemporary, international architects and interior designers. Each project uses specific materials or concepts that stand out from the rest of its design. Throughout this book, we feature houses made of concrete, stone, brick, metal, wood and lightweight or recycled materials, which have become the hallmark of the project. Sometimes this choice of material was based on the geographic region and climate: wood plus insulation are used more often in colder climates, while tile, concrete and stone are more commonly used in warmer climates. Furthermore, the illustrations are accompanied by practical interior design tips that will help readers create their own style and personality. Advances in architecture mean houses in a contemporary style with endless possibilities in terms of their interior and exterior design. These more than 50 homes, residences and houses show a wide array of interior designs and exterior constructions with materials, textures and colours that offer outstanding ideas on how to use and combine these elements. The end result is residential spaces brimming with originality and character.